2 februari 2012

The exhibition is still running. You can visit it till 18 march. At the exhibition you also have all the equipment to write your own letter, and post it in a mailbox. The museum take care of your letter, puts a stamp on it, and send it to your loved ones. It’s really worth your visit.


Huis Van Alijn
Kraanlei 65
9000 Gent

Received from Natalie

Received from Jessica

Received from Maria

Received from Jaime

Received from Vibeke

Received from Inge

Received from Charlotte

Received from Flaurette

Received from Geneviève

Received from Coco

Received from Charlotte B.

Received from Jeska


9 Responses to “BRIEFWISSELING.”

  1. Isidora Says:

    this is so romantic! i wish that i’m nearer to visit the expo

  2. Breathtaking – what will it take for me to become a correspondent of yours?

  3. elisse Says:

    Ik ben er vorige week heen geweest en was zwaar onder de indruk. Zo’n tof zaaltje daar en uw brieven springen meteen in het oog! Fijn!

  4. […] little while ago I was at the museum, and there was a request from Simone. She asked if someone could write her a letter. I did, and she […]

  5. […] few weeks ago it was the last day of the letter exhibition, Briefwisseling, at ‘Het huis van Alijn’. It was a lovely day, sunny, it was a perfect day to celebrate […]

  6. […] the exhibition the little bird that Jeska had send me a while ago was stolen, she was so sweet to send me another […]

  7. Sara Martins Says:

    such a great idea 🙂

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