18 november 2012

Dear readers and letter lovers,

my letter-to-treasure project has continued. But because of my graduation as a ‘master in textile design’ and my move to Paris, I didn’t had the time to write a lot of letters. And also not to share all the treasures I received with you all. But I found peace in France, and I’m writing letters like I’ve done never before. Soon I’ll search the time to share the received letters with you all. Until then I leave you with some of the packages I created recently.

With love,







3 Responses to “<3”

  1. marlou Says:

    mijn briefschrijfzin was ook een beetje verdwenen, maar als ik al dit fijns zie krijg ik ook weer helemaal de kriebels.

  2. cute! great colours together and that handwriting looks so lovely too!

  3. yoojin Says:

    Lovely! πŸ™‚ I also have to finish some snail mails. But I’m so busy that I don’t find the time for it. 😦 😦

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