From Flaurette.

18 mei 2012

Received from Flaurette – France – May 2012







4 Responses to “From Flaurette.”

  1. vivian hoebe Says:

    Wow! I just found your blog- and i love it so much!
    what a great, lovely and inspiring idea!

  2. kaitlynbird Says:

    Dear Hermine,

    If you write to me I will write you back.

    Kaitlyn Mauro
    6015 Pershing Ave (2W)
    St Louis, MO, 63112


  3. mailmaa Says:

    Hi Hermine,
    this is Anne-Carine from one of your earlier letters. First now I realized you actually are making a blog with all the letters. Cool! It is fun to see what you recieve from all different sorts of people. Your project is still very qute and inspiring.
    And congratulations on your finished work at school. I looked at the photo’s you had put out and it looks really, really beautiful.



  4. Theresa Says:

    Would anyone from another country like to write me? I’m from the bay area, CA but now living in San Diego, CA.

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