11 januari 2012

The first day of December the exhibition about letters started. Me and 3 different artists got the chance to show our letter-projects, i’m happy about the result. I made a small selection of all the letters, and made a big ‘collage’ of it. I also showed 30 envelopes of how I would send them to my penpalls.

the letters that are exhibited are from Coco, Vibeke, Charlotte, Flaurette, Inge, Jessica, Natalie, Geneviève, Jaime, Jeska , Maria and last but not least Charlotte. It was so difficult to make a selection of all the letters that I have received. Because I love all of them.

You still can visit it:


Huis Van Alijn
Kraanlei 65
9000 Gent



9 Responses to “Opening.”

  1. Teresa Says:

    The exhibition looks beautiful!

  2. letters Says:

    […] wednesday I had a day off and I went to this exhibition with my boy. It’s really worth a visit if you are into writing letters. We also […]

  3. Proficiat ! ik ga zeker eens kijken!x

  4. Brilliant, darling. I wish I could attend!

    Love from snowy Copenhagen. x

  5. cococita Says:

    Ziet er leuk uit aan de foto’s te zien. Ik hoop gauw eens in Gent te geraken om de tentoonstelling eens live te bekijken.
    Liefs uit Deurne

  6. […] BRIEFWISSELING (the exhibition about letters, in ‘het huis van Alijn’.) you have the chance to start […]

  7. […] that it will be mine one day. Love it so much. – A beautiful message that I found on a wall at the exhibition. – Just discovered the beautiful music of Ben Howard. Love […]

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