30 november 2011

It took me a long time to hang up all the different letters for the exhibition. It was a little game of hanging things on the wall, and take them off again. Searching for the right spot for every treasure. But I’m happy, because after 2 long days it’s finally on a good place.



7 Responses to “Preparations.”

  1. Naomi Bulger Says:

    Good luck with the exhibition, I’m sure it will be amazing and so wish I could be there to see it! Be sure to take lots more photographs for us.

  2. oh dearest hermine, this looks just most wonderful and i wish i could be there at the opening! and i am so happy to see my letter there, my first written to you! that feels such a great honour. and lately i have been the worst correspondent, and i promise to be better. i have some things waiting to be sent, i need to collect them together and finish and get them on their way to you ♥

  3. Esther Says:

    Ik ben gaan kijken, Hermine. Het was echt schoon!

  4. Janien Says:

    Proficiat Hermine!! Je hebt er hard aan gewerkt maar het ziet het er dan ook prachtig uit!

  5. vibeke Says:

    thank you for letting us see,
    how wonderful!: )

  6. Je hebt het zo fragiel mooi opgehangen!

  7. Dear Hermine,
    I reall ywish I could go and see your exhibition of letters.

    Love from Copenhagen,

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