From Floor.

31 oktober 2011

Received from Floor – United Kingdom – October 2011

Floor is a good friend since I was a little girl. I think we were 2 years old when we met eachother for the first time. Her house is just 2 streets away from mine, and because of that she never asked me for a letter, because maybe it was stupid to send letters when you live so close to eachother. I disagree. But a month ago she moved to Cambridge for a year, to study. So this was the perfect moment to start writing eachother. It feels like a relief to write with her again, and it always makes me so happy when I read her adventures, wrote down with a beautiful handwriting.


One Response to “From Floor.”

  1. Die kaartjes, dat ziet eruit als Taquile, een eiland in het Titicacameer in Peru. Het eiland van de breiende mannen. Je zou het daar prachtig vinden! Overal vond je eindjes gekleurde wol, ik heb zo nog een zakje bijeengespaard 🙂

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