A little interview.

25 augustus 2011

A little while I did an Interview with Elle about the letters. And I want to share it with you. Look at the interview on Elle’s blog up here. She made some beautiful lay-out for the interview.


For my inaugural post, please welcome the lovely and super talented Hermine from Journal De Jours! I am so happy that she gladly accepted the invitation for me to interview her. Truth be told she is my inspiration behind the LetterBox Project! Now I know I have a long way to go before I can reach the level of her parcels, but I am getting there. Today she shares with us a little something about herself, her projects and love for snail mail!

My parents gave me the name “Hermine Virginie Van Dijck”. My home is in Antwerp, we have a nice garden with a greenhouse and 4 cats. In a year I will graduate as a “Master in Textile Design”. Textile is a very big part of my life. I most of all love to weave, I can do that for hours and hours. Soon I’ll open my first webshop with handwoven treasures, that’s always been a big dream of mine.

If I’m not working on my textile projects, then I’m making walks, collecting beautiful things, listen to jazz music, writing letters, taking pictures, drinking a cappuccino at my favourite café, reading, take care of my plants, blogging, dreaming, …. . I’m not good in doing nothing, I love to be busy with different projects, and I can work on them day and night.

I always loved letters a lot, I treasure all the packages that I received, and kept them in a beautiful box. One day I was reading my letters again, and I felt that it was time to do something with all those treasures. I always been a collector, and had a box full of postcards, beautiful papers, … . But why would I keep all this beautiful stationery just for myself ? Why couldn’t I share it with others ? Make people feel happy ?

One of the reasons that I start writing is because I love to change peoples life just by something little. By a letter in their mailboxes, or a little ‘word for a stranger’ on their bikes.

I also am very curious about other people. They inspire me, and I always would love to know them better. Want to see what they love, how their lives are, what they are dreaming about…

And I hope, one day, I’ll meet my penpals. Maybe I have to make a trip around the world, to meet them, to drink coffee together and tell about our dreams.

I try to make everyone a personal and unique package. I’m constantly searching for lovely things to send. I dry flowers, search for beautiful pictures and papers…

I get inspired by a lot of different things, something I see while I’m drinking a coffee, a beautiful story, treasures I find on the ground while I’m making my walks, the person I’m writing to, my dreams

… It’s endless.

For me the most important thing is to make a beautiful harmonic package, something magical. An envelope filled with beautiful object that can make people happy. I really want them to feel special, because they are !

I’m a collector of beautiful items, but also a collector of memories. Before I started my blog I had ten notebooks. One was to write ideas down, one for dreams, one for things I saw and loved, one for recipes, one for books/movies and so on. The problem was that the idea of the different notebooks is great, but it is difficult to hold on to it. So after a while all my notes where mixed, and it was so difficult to find something back.

So the reason I started my blog, was to make my collections, memories, structured for myself. It was so nice to see that more and more people started to follow what I was writing, I really never expected that. So, still every day, I’m so so grateful for all those amazing people who write feedback on what I’m doing. That’s so heartwarming, and pleasing.

The writing actually never had a real start. It just grew. First I had 2 penpals, Geneviève (from Berlin) and Pierre (from Paris). And of course some of my close friends. I just posted somethings about their letters, and often I got nice comments on the blogposts. A few months ago I wrote on my blog that it was a big dream to write peoples around the world. I got a lot of reactions on it, more and more peoples are sending me an e-mail to ask me if we could get penpals. Of course it can ! A little while ago I also started my letter-blog, just to make a beautiful collection of all the letters I receive and send.

Indra - 7 mei

It’s amazing to come home and find a beautiful letter in your mailbox. The letters always make my day so beautiful and warm. When I have a bad day then I just have to open my box where I collect all my received letters in, and I get happy again. Other people have so much love to share, and it’s great to just meet new people. Just talking about our lives, our dreams, ….

The world become a so small, when you write with people who actually lives on the other side of the world. It’s great that this kind of thing is possible. I never thought that I will write with people from Japan, Israel and America, but now it has become a reality. And that is so great.

Coco - 25 april

I saw even more that life is about those little lovely things. Just a sweet word, a beautiful flower, a stunning picture … I believe that the letter-writing reminds us all about those little treasures of life.

I work day and night on my projects. In the evening, in my bed before sleep, when I wake up, while drinking a coffee. But it isn’t an effort for me. I love to do all those projects, and they give me energy. They make me feel so happy, that’s why I want to spend all my free-time on them. They are become a big part of my life, and I love that.

First of all, write because your heart tells you that you have to write. Write because it’s a dream. Write because you want to send someone a little love. Writing always have to be a pleasure, not an effort. Writing takes a lot of time (and also a bit of money on stamps), but that’s part of the pleasure.

How do you have to start ? If you have a blog, you can tell your readers that you would love to write someone. And I’m convinced that people will react. And then you can start swapping addresses, and make beautiful letters.

If you don’t have a blog, just send a blogger (or someone else) a letter, and say you would love to send her/him a letter. I think everyone will be happy to get the chance to receive something from you in their mailboxes.

Good luck to you all !


Thanks to Hermine once again! You can also follow her tumblr and flickr! If you are a blogger who hosts letter-writing projects or loves mail art, I would love to get to know you!


3 Responses to “A little interview.”

  1. Teresa Says:

    I loved the interview! I’m so happy to be part of your project!

  2. Naomi Bulger Says:

    Hermine, your package arrived in my mailbox today, all the way over in Australia. It absolutely made my day. So many beautiful snippets of your life! Now I’m preparing my own letterbox package to send back to you. Thank you again! (ps. I took some photos and blogged about you here: http://www.naomibulger.com/1/post/2011/09/sweet-snippets-from-antwerp.html)

  3. coco Says:

    i really admire you for writing so many letters to people. you have made lot of us happy.
    thanks for that.

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